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Regina Trailweaver

Yoga teacher, Regina Trailweaver, teaches classical style yoga for holistic health. She has studied the ancient tradition of yoga and practiced social work for thirty years. Her love of mindful movement and passion for wellness are evident in her guidance. The principles of awareness, acceptance and alignment are inherent in every session offered.

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About this course

Do you struggle to fall asleep?  Or do you fall asleep and then later find yourself wide awake, yet not fully rested?  

Then there is the restless, in and out of sleep all night experience!

Or perhaps you generally sleep well but at the end of a stressful day, you could use some support to relax and unwind.

If any of these situations or general problems with sleep apply to you, this course can help.

*Understand and work with the sacred power of this transition from day to night

*Establish a relaxing bed time routine

*Practice breathing, visualization, gentle movement, journaling, and restorative yoga