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International Feltmakers Association

Hello my name is Louise. I will be your mentor for this online workshop. My first taste of feltmaking was over 10 years ago with Sheila Smith, our last IFA President. I was hooked at my very first class and have spent most of my spare time since trying to learn more and more exciting techniques. I hope you enjoy your exploration as much as I did and continue to do.

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About this course

Hello and welcome to Discovering Feltmaking.

You enrolled on this online course primarily to learn techniques in felt making with the main aim being to produce a good quality piece of functional felt.   

This course has been developed by the International Feltmakers Association to help to create an understanding of the process of making wet felt. 

The course will help you to develop understanding of wool and felt in order to encourage high standards in feltmaking.

You will be encouraged to work with a range of wools to discover the variety of results obtained from different wool types.

You will explore wet feltmaking techniques and to acquire a sound knowledge on which to build your own skills.

You will find it most useful if you are able to participate in the group discussions and also create a record of your results as a future reference for yourself.

This is the foundation on which all future feltmaking experiments or projects will be based and where you will learn about the feltmaking process and the different qualities of wool.