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Adrienne Cobb

Adrienne Cobb is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Messenger offering unique spiritual experiences to connect with your Tribe of Light and AWAKEN your Soul Blueprint.

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About this course

Angel Activation Quest

Live program: June 15-21, 2022

Join me in the extraordinary Light-filled experience to meet some of the most powerful, Loving and beautiful Angelic Beings in All of Creation.

In this quest we will soul journey into the Angelic Realms of Light to sit in the Presence of some of the highest vibrational Angels in the Universe and beyond. 

Each evening we gather together and soul travel into the higher realms of light where you will be able to have a personal experience of each Angelic Order, learn about their unique gifts of how they can help you, and be blessed beyond measure in their profound radiance. 

The Angelic Orders of Light we will be gathering with are:

  • The Miracle Mantle of the Mighty Elohim
  • The Sapphire Blue Diamond Ray of the Seraphim
  • The Cherubim
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The Sacred Fire Flame Angels
  • Angels of Light- Angelic Star Beings
  • The 7 Fold Flame of the Archangels