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Cynthia Morris

Certified coach, author and artist, I have been coaching writers and artists since 1999. I thrive in the creative process and have published books, sold art and coached hundreds of people to their own creative success. Reach me at

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About this course

Wish you had consistent writing time but never seem to get there? Life is full, and our writing, especially our personal writing, can get pushed out the door. Despite our best intentions, we never get to the thing that is closest to our heart - our dreams of being a writer. 

What if you had a place to go every week just to write? Now you do. The Impulse Writing Club meets every Thursday for an hour to get our pens out, put our heads down, and open our hearts to our words. 

For decades I led writing sessions like this. In my backyard in Denver, in my tiny apartment in Boulder, in my attic garret just blocks from where I live now, we gathered to write. 

The format is simple. I set the timer for three consecutive writing sessions: 10, 15, and 20 minutes. I offer up a writing prompt that you can use to write anything. You can also bring your own prompts. You will be encouraged to free-write to flow, access your truth and express your authentic voice.

Use this time to write whatever you want. A project that needs focused writing time? Got it. Random exploration of what’s inside you waiting to emerge? You can do it. 

The power of this kind of writing club is its focus. We aren’t talking about writing or not writing - we spend the time writing. 

Mark your calendars for this recurring writing date that will be the highlight of your week: 

Thursdays through December 15 


8 am MT, (7 am PT, 9 am CT, 10 am ET, 3 pm in the UK and 4 pm in Europe.) 

Subscribers have access to our private online salon where each week’s prompts are posted after the writing session. The salon serves as our prompt vault; there will be no interaction or facilitation there other than the initial introducing of yourself. 

Prompts, chat and recording of the session will be in the salon within 24 hours of the session. 

This is not a critique group and we will never share our writing. This is how you can get ink to the page every week. I will be writing along with you. 

Here’s how our writing club will go. Times given are in Mountain Time. Please check your time zone here. 

I will have three prompts that will jumpstart our three writing sessions. You can bring your own prompts for yourself or your own writing agenda. Or you can flow with serendipity and magic and surprise and write from my prompts. This is your writing time to ink what you wish. 

7:55 am sign on, get settled 

8:04 - first prompt

8:14 second prompt

8:30 third prompt 

8:50 brief reflection period 

9:00 off you go, feeling great from having gotten 45 minutes of writing into your day!

I am a punctual person and holding time is a vital part of my job of hosting a powerful space. Please plan to show up on time. If you come in late, the prompt will be in the chatbox. We will always end at 9:00 am. 

This is a writing haven that I know you will love. No chat, no long-winded lectures, no need to do anything but show up and write. Let's do this!