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Desiree D Habicht

I am a multi-media artist and designer. I help people find their creative voice while making beautiful things. I love to create art using fiber, paint, pastels, or mixed media. I am also the owner of Desiree's Designs were we design fabric, patterns, embroidery as well as teach. Its about the creative process for me. Whether I am teaching art, design, fiber art or teaching our projects from Desiree's Designs, my creative goal is to help you build a strong foundation and help your confidence and talent grow. There is nothing better than creating something special using your own ideas and talents. I can't wait to learn more about you in class. Find me at and my fine art at

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About this course

We are so excited to offer you our Mystery Halloween Party Bus 2022 Sew-a -Long. We will be doing a bit of a mystery Halloween quilt as we build our blocks into rows.  We will be assembling as we go so that at the end of the 6 weeks our quilt is finished and assembled! Our Classroom is open now and the first block will release on August 15th. Gather all your supplies, dig into your Halloween fabric and join us for 6 weeks of fun ahead! In our classroom we will have video demos, tips, photos and we can all share our progress!! 

You must own either a 6"x10" or 8"x12" hoop to do this project!!

What is so great about this project is that if you do not want to make a quilt you can use a row of blocks to easily assembled a table runner or bench pillow. We will also be doing it together, posting photos here and on FB or Instagram to share our progress. Let's get everyone excited!!

Inside each lesson you will get the files, PDF color instructions, SVG files, videos (if available that week), access to me and more! We will be able to stay connected as a community and share photos and ideas.

Here are the general fabric requirements needed if you are going to do all the backings and the bus in the same color. We recommend that but have fun digging into your stash for some of the other fun characters on our Halloween Bus. This is estimated yardage for the quilt.

  • 3.5  yards of background fabric. This will be the sky or background and behind the bus and characters. I originally wanted a dark purple sky so the ghost will show up but the black cat might not so think about what color background you would like and then you will have to adjust your characters so they pop off of it. I ended up choosing a multi-colored polka dot for my background as you can see in the logo although I still love the purple idea.
  • 1 yard for the ghosts
  • 1 yard for the bus, I will update if I am incorrect.
  • 1  yard for optional border
  • scraps of different oranges for pumpkins
  •  scraps of grays and blacks for tombstones and cats

Here are the weeks of sewing ahead of you. Each week you will have 7 blocks to sew and assemble. Make sure you number your blocks as you sew them so that you assemble them in the correct order.

Week 1- Row 1 make 7, assemble

Week 2- Row 2 make 7, assemble and attach to row 1

Week 3-Row 3 make 7, assemble and attach to row 1&2

Week 4- Row 4 make 7, assemble and attach to rows 1-3

Week 5-Row 5 make 7, assemble and attach to previous  assembled rows

Week 6-Assembly and (optional borders) 

*You are welcome to use your stash and make all the pumpkins different fabrics so your fabric requirements will be different.

I hope you will join us, if you arrive late you will have access to all the previous blocks released.