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Bonnie Salamon

Bonnie Salamon is the founder of Autumn's Fire, LLC, and the Co-Managing Creative Director of Wise Transformation, LLC. She is also a Gerontologist and Life Cycle Celebrant. Bonnie is the Creatrix of the Wisdom of Aging card deck and accompanying courses. She has been a facilitator of workshops and programs for 15- years and is a sought-after speaker in spiritually-based and self-help communities. She is also a life coach using the Pathway to Bliss model. Bonnie's success is based on her unique ability to create safe environments for her clients, her deep listening skills, and her non-judgmental approach to helping them find their surest path to abundance.

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About this course

One of the most difficult processes an individual undertakes is that of creating their legacy while they have the foresight and energy to consider everything from a more “objective” viewpoint. It is a courageous and loving series of actions that creates peace for the individual and their loved ones.

Your Spectacular and Courageous Legacy is a self-guided, 20 session comprehensive workshop that will walk you through creating your legacy in a step-by-step manner that can be done over a time span determined by the individual.  Over 270 minutes – 4 ½ hours of “how-to” videos and 2 ½ hours of private coaching considers all aspects of what you will want to think about as you begin later chapters of your life… or support a loved one in that process.

In this program, you will begin to:

  • Understand why NOW is the time to create your Legacy
  • Learn how you have been creating your Legacy for decades
  • Understand that Legacy is way more than just money and/or property
  • Understand why the Elements are the best palette to help create your Legacy
  • Set an intention for your Legacy work
  • Understand what legal documents are required to make your transition easy for those you leave behind
  • Know how to make sure your final wishes are honored
  • Know that you have support from many different sources
  • Know how to have difficult conversations with loved ones and professionals about end -of- life
  • Find the perfect “legacy project” to share now or leave behind
  • Know the difference between traditional burials and green burials
  • Create your Celebration of Life – before or after your passing
  • Tie up loose ends

 This program is for you if:

  •  You have found it difficult to even consider end-of-life topics.
  • You don’t even know where to begin.
  • You have only begun the process of creating your legacy and feel stuck.
  • You have a relative or a friend that has avoided talking about end-of-life issues. This is the perfect gift for birthdays or holidays.
  • You have concerns about an aging parent who may need your help in this process.

Special Introductory Pricing - Best Price Ever!! $279 until 12/31/2022.  (Regularly $449 - a 45% Savings)

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