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Yoshida Kirkwood

Transformational Leader | Wellness Advocate

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About this course

Want more out of life? Then start with you!

We believe if you want to advance your life, you have to work on yourself, your skills, and not just your strengths, but also your areas of opportunity.

This course will challenge you to do more to become the best version of yourself and at the same time encourage you along the way.

No experience is required. Only a device where you can access the internet. If you can check your email and use Google, then you can complete this course successfully.

Life Coach Yoshida has spent months gathering the tools and crafting this course to give you what you need and move you on the road to success. We want to see you thriving in the near future. Get in and get going! 

What You Get:

  1. 7 Interactive and engaging Modules
  2. Lots of tools and resources to keep
  3. Guidance from start to finish
  4. A path forward to Advancing Your Life

What's stopping you? Time to prioritize yourself and make a commitment. We're here for you!

3 Payment Options for every budget. Any questions? Please let us know- email at or call/text 281-941-5508.

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