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We support children, families, and adults in all aspects of the assessment and treatment of ADHD. Being diagnosed with ADHD is not an end. It’s a beginning. A fresh start. And with Springboard Clinic’s combined medical, psychological and coaching expertise, it’s an opportunity to find hope in every step of your ADHD journey as you move forward and thrive in your life.

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About this course

Parenting with ADHD in the Home: Live with Coach Laura

Guided by Springboard’s founder, Laura MacNiven, connect with other parents in a safe and confidential space of creativity and curiosity. 

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 Take time away from your everyday to explore your wants, needs and goals as a parent, while exploring tools and strategies that actually work. 

Over 10 weeks, stay on track with short weekly hosted webinars, and work through self-serve videos with accompanying activities that are curated with ADHD in mind and set up with you and your family in mind. 

Why an ADHD- focused parenting course?

ADHD symptoms can complicate your parent/child relationship, adding a layer of complexity that can be difficult to navigate. Not only impacting your child’s sense of self, ADHD plays a role in family interactions too, especially during times of transition or when emotions are triggered. 

This course invites you to do foundational self-work with the support of course guide Coach Laura (link to video) and fellow participants. By taking time to reflect on our personal wants and needs, in the context of our family lives, we can explore where ADHD is playing a role in household dynamics and experiment with shifting communication patterns that are no longer serving us.

Who is the course for?

You –if your child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD or is experiencing focusing issues. Maybe you’re looking to learn more about ADHD, better understand how your child’s feeling internally, and wondering about how to best support them while maintaining your self-care priorities and conserving energy for other family members too. 

You – if ADHD or focusing issues are not new to your household, but you’re going through or planning for a transition. Perhaps your child is adjusting to a new environment/stage whether it’s starting kindergarten/high school/university, starting their first adult job, or simply growing up and understanding who they are as a person. You are looking to recalibrate your parenting approach to match where you and they are today.

You – if you want to get on the same “parenting page” by aligning with a co-parent / partner / care giver within your child’s village.  By doing the pre-work to develop a parenting approach that fits your child’s needs, while taking into consideration the realities of your family environment, you can create stability and consistency as a collective. 

You – if you’re at a stage where you wish to connect with others and find new energy in your parenting journey. Perhaps things are going well, but you are keen to reassess your parenting tool kit and share your experiences as you unpack ways to become more connected, or be prepared for the potential tougher times ahead.  

Wherever you may be in your parenting journey with focusing issues in the home, life asks us to constantly re-calibrate, re-energize and discover ways to inspire our mindset for coping and moving forward, and  this course was built to support you in your process.

Live online events are weekly on Wednesday evenings at 730 pm starting November 16th!

Dates for the live events:

  • Wednesday November 16th at 730 pm
  • Wednesday November 23rd at 730 pm
  • Wednesday November 30th at 730 pm
  • Wednesday December 7th at 730 pm
  • Wednesday December 14th at 730 pm
  • Wednesday December 21st at 730 pm
  • Wednesday January 11th  at 730 pm
  • Wednesday January 18th at 730 pm
  • Wednesday January 25th  at 730 pm
  • Wednesday February 1st at 730 pm


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