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Nancy Shanteau

Nancy Shanteau (she/her) is the lineage bearer for Skills for Change Coaching. She is a Master Somatic Coach and the founder of the Folkloom School, the home of the Skills for Change Coaching Certification Program. A settler who lives and works in Nevada County, CA, unceded Nisenan land, Nancy practices Relationship Anarchy and Solo Polyamory, identifies as pansexual and aromantic, and is a white multi-ethnic, non-binary woman. Dedicated to radical, empowering education, Nancy has been teaching and coaching since 2004. “I believe people need safety and a feeling of connection and love in order to change. In a good teaching relationship, the teacher becomes engaged in your dream, and provides support, strength and vision to help you achieve it.”

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About this course

Your Energy Determines the Quality of Your Life

Feel Vibrant, Connected & Empowered

Often, if we think about our energy at all, we only pay attention when we have too much or too little. 

Do you want:

  • A grounded, inviting presence

  • Interior spaciousness to feel all your feelings

  • The ability to let things go

  • Access to abundant sources of vitality


Yet our energy affects every transaction we engage with, all day long. Do you:

  • Get easily overwhelmed, or feel sensitive to the moods and emotions of others?

  • Find yourself carrying around the energy signature of an interaction, long after it’s over?

  • Feel stuck, exhausted and depleted, as if everyday life is just too much for you?

  • Lose track of time so it always seems too short instead of plentiful and luxurious?

  • Have a lot of energetic, emotional and historical clutter getting in the way of you making the changes you want?

We can end up feeling like there's something wrong with us.

It makes so much sense.

We’re trained to think of ourselves and our energy as finite.

There’s a lot of pressure in our culture to be and do MORE, without a lot of emphasis on HOW we do it.

Thankfully, there’s another way.

Through recent neuroscience research, we know that the mind has vast effects on the body. How we conceive of ourselves can *actually* change the way our biology functions.

This course will help you choose the way you perceive yourself, and help you shape your experience of your body and your life.

That’s REAL power!


The Energy Awareness Program

This course will help you choose the way you perceive yourself, and thus help you shape your experience of your body and your life.

The Energy Awareness course offers you an interactive tour of your energy body, mindset and a library of images that are useful in different life circumstances.

Energy Awareness offers you:

  • Options about what energy to bring to a given situation

  • The power to shift your own energy, regardless of what’s happening around you

  • The ability to offer energetic support to others

  • An expansive sense of time

  • Skills for holding and clearing space, including group meetings, gatherings and more…

You’ll get:

  • Five weekly interactive & recorded Zoom meetings
  • Conversation, writing, and imaginative exercises

  • Action Learning Steps that help you embody the lessons

  • A supportive community of learners

  • Supplemental audio recordings of all the key guided practices

Lesson 1: Explore Your Energy State We'll discuss energy and you’ll explore your existing energy shape. You’ll imagine new energy shapes and how your experience changes, depending on the image. Guided practices include images for the feet and your connection with the ground.

Lesson 2: Energetic Boundaries This topic is all about boundaries. You’ll notice your baseline energy shape and how other people's energy affects you. There will be several practices for clearing your energy body. Guided practices include time and space exploration, and images for the shoulders, hands and arms.

Lesson 3: Blend & Extend In our third lesson, you’ll explore ways you can blend and extend your energy with others. We'll discuss energy ethics. Imagination practices in this class will help you work with pain, and source energy.

Lesson 4: Cleanse & Clear We'll work with cleansing in the fourth meeting, both of spaces around us, and deep cleansing visualizations for our energy bodies.

Lesson 5:
Rituals & Routines You’ll plan your maintenance practices for staying connected with your energy body. Our class discussion will explore tools, ingredients and rituals you can use to strengthen your attention and intention. You’ll conduct a completion ritual for the class to close and seal your learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “I struggle with guided visualization practices. Is this the course for me?”

A: Sometimes folks encounter difficulties with their visual imagination. 

Yes. Once I learned to stop focusing on the visual of the practice and redirect you onto the felt sense, everyone who’s experienced this training has found something that works for them.

As long as you don’t give up on you, I won’t either. I’ll be right there with you to help you find your guided practice.


“I used to hold my energy in a small little ball inside me. People would come at me so hard, and I didn’t really understand why. In the Energy Awareness class, I learned to radiate my energy beyond my body. Now people can get what they want from me without needing so much contact. It’s easier and less confusing. And my close relationships are so much better.”  Sara Russell, Skills for Change Coach & Teacher

The Deets

Pay-in-Full: $297
Payment Plan: $99 per month for 3 months

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