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Kim Hallin

Hi, I'm Kim. I'm the author of "Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity" and the owner/founder of Unbridled LLC, a unique equine experiential learning business in Charleston, South Carolina. Through my Ruzuku online classes and membership programs I offer very affordable learning options for students who enjoy self-paced remote learning or who want to supplement their hands-on experiential learning at Unbridled with online materials and support.

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About this course

Join Kim and the Unbridled herd on a virtual learning experience like no other, designed to transform the way you think about leadership and managing change!

Follow the journey of five special horses as they learn to embrace unexpected change and a big transition in their herd community. Listen to Kim's thought-provoking narrative in real time and then use the private reflection questions and/or group discussion threads to deepen your understanding and draw parallels to your own experiences. This course will open your eyes and heart to horses in new ways and lead you to profound shifts in your understanding of equine social structures, horse-human relationships and community change.

The individual and communal behaviors of the horses (as well as Kim's own decisions and role in the herd) will provide powerful metaphors to help you reflect on important questions including:

What is the best way to introduce a new horse into a well established herd?

How can I effectively support all of the horses in a herd during times of transition, including senior horses and those with past trauma?

What special considerations do I need to make when integrating mixed gender herds?

What is my role, and what are my responsibilities, as the human "leader" and/or team member during herd integrations?
How can we use stressful situations and major transitions as an opportunity to cultivate presence, creativity, adaptability and teamwork?

What's the best way to deal with conflict, personality differences or dysfunctional dynamics in a herd that needs to learn to thrive together?

How can we nurture mindfulness and a greater ability in ourselves to identify opportunities or troubleshoot issues as they arise?

Why is it important to step back and see the larger picture of what's happening in the moment?


"Kim Hallin's support as the facilitator for this online course is amazing! Her comments are honest, kind, respectful and helpful  in guiding us forward. Also, the open sharing among the group not only helped us really get to know each other but also helped me get to know myself better!"  

- Past Student