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Rosee Riggs

Certified, chartered canine behaviourist. Certified Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer

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About this course

Learn How to Help Your Dog Stay Calm When Left Alone…

…And Take the First Step Today!

How does your dog react to spending time without you?

If they fly into a wild, home-trashing panic every time you step outside… or keep pacing, howling, or scratching at the door until you come back… or start toileting in the wrong places… then there’s definitely a problem.

And that problem is all about fear.

These behaviors may well indicate that your dog has a genuine, deep-seated fear of losing you. It’s called Separation Anxiety, (They may also be experiencing Isolation Distress at the same time, which comes from a phobia of being alone.)

I know, it’s heartbreaking to think of your beloved companion feeling so stressed and afraid – and to know that because it’s triggered by your absence, you won’t be there to help them cope with the experience.

But don’t worry, because there IS something you can do to help them stay calm when you’re not around.

Healing Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

The trick is that you do the work of Separation Anxiety dog training with your dog while you're together, and through that work you empower them to cope when you need to go out without them. 

So they can finally stay relaxed, happy, and healthy, even if you need to leave them alone for a few hours. 

And YOU can stay relaxed, happy, and healthy, too, knowing that your pet is calm and content. (Not to mention the relief of knowing that your home furnishings are undamaged and your neighbors aren’t complaining about the noise.)

The most important thing to understand about Separation Anxiety dog training is that if your dog experiences fear during the training, it will harm them rather than help them. 

That means you cannot push your dog to make faster progress. You can’t force them to lose their fears. The idea is to gently and gradually expose your dog to the thought of you stepping outside and walking away, so that they become desensitized to it bit-by-bit. Then when it actually happens, they no longer feel panicked.

This process of desensitization can only start from within your dog's comfort zone. Anything else would be counterproductive. Every step needs to be approached and accomplished with the utmost sensitivity to your dog's individual needs and their specific level of tolerance for different situations and scenarios.

That's why I created the Separation Anxiety Dog Training Starter Kit to identify where you and your dog stand today, and map out the first steps on your path toward fearless freedom.

What's Inside the Separation Anxiety Dog Training Starter Kit

You'll receive a carefully designed and developed package of training resources and supplementary materials to prepare yourself and your dog for the step-by-step process of desensitization.

It includes:

  • An introduction to the concepts and principles of exposure therapy and desensitization training for Separation Anxiety.

  • An explanation of the common causes of Separation Anxiety and Isolation Distress, to help you understand where your dog’s issues may stem from.

  • Video lessons, posters, and worksheets explaining how to apply Separation Anxiety dog training principles, so that you know what to do with your dog and how to go about it.

  • Essential information to help you learn to understand your dog’s behaviors and body language and interpret what they’re trying to communicate to you.

  • Management measures you can put in place to prevent unwanted behaviors – without causing your dog fear or distress.

  • Advice on what to look for in a dog-sitter or dog-walker, and how to help your dog feel comfortable with them.

  • Enrichment activity suggestions for your dog to release tension and stress so they feel more relaxed and settled.

  • Guidance on training within the threshold of your dog’s comfort zone, so they make progress in small, manageable steps.

  • A pre-training checklist to help you ensure that both you and your dog are ready to begin this process together.

As a canine behavior counsellor and Separation Anxiety dog training specialist, I want every dog and their owner to enjoy a happy and harmonious life together. I don’t believe that finances should be an obstacle to that goal, so I’m making the Separation Anxiety Dog Training Starter Kit available to you at only $47.

How I Know This Will Help You & Your Dog

I’m a certified animal behaviorist and canine behavior specialist consultant with 12 years of experience. In addition to my professional expertise, I also have plenty of personal experience of life with an extremely anxious dog – my beloved greyhound, Speedy, rescued from the dog racing industry where he had suffered shocking neglect and ill-treatment. Together, Speedy and I were able to overcome much of his past trauma and enjoy a happy companionship for the rest of his life. 

I’ve also witnessed the changes my clients and their dogs have been empowered to make with my help…

“My partner worked at home so my dog was never alone. After he moved out, my dog couldn’t stay at home alone anymore. He once ran away when I was at work and he destroyed my kitchen door. I was completely lost and heartbroken for my dog. Rosee helped me through the hard time a lot. She is understanding, motivating and lovely. Not only did she teach me how to train my dog with separation anxiety but she also taught me to read my dog’s language. After weeks of training my dog settled down and is now able to stay at home alone, even when I am at work. I’ve never been closer to him.”


“Jagger was a very troubled rescue dog. For 7 years, he was constantly on edge, highly strung, yappy, and aggressive to other dogs. Despite several attempts with local dog trainers, we were unable to ever get a handle on his issues. Rosee was more than helpful and with some very simple, yet hugely effective advice, we have been able to help our little dog relax and let go of his stress. Rosee has shown me how to tune in to a dog's basic fundamental requirements. No tricks or time consuming techniques, just going back to basics and adapting a few everyday situations to meet a dog's needs. Very simple changes that I had completely overlooked, that have given my dogs a much more relaxing, peaceful state of mind, and in turn, strengthened the positive relationship I have with my pets.” 


Start Your Dog’s Healing Journey Today

It is not an overnight miracle. It will take some time and effort from both you and your dog. But by beginning home alone training together, you CAN make a big difference in your dog’s anxiety levels and their separation-related behaviors. 

You’ll finally know what you need to do to be able to enjoy a more spontaneous life with the freedom to pop out whenever you feel like it – instead of being stuck at home, or worrying constantly about your dog when you do venture out without them.

This course helps you get everything in place to prepare you before you begin the process of desensitization.   At that point, desensitization training will help your dog gradually become more able to spend time at home alone, calmly and contentedly. He or she will start learning to relax and trust that when you go out, you will always return. 

This is only the beginning of a richer, more enjoyable relationship between you and your dog – and the beginning of a happier life for both of you together.