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Janine Bolon

Janine has been a businesswoman since the age of 10. She wanted candy, her parents wouldn't give her an allowance, so...she made her first business to get the cash she needed. Since then she has built and sold businesses for over 30 years. She now teaches, writes books and speaks internationally. Enjoy the course, take the time to do the activities. Watch your life improve.

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About this course

Walking the Medicine Wheel is an ancient technique used by the First Nations of North & South America for centuries.

In this 90 minute workshop you will learn how to use this traditional technique in a modern way to bring about the clarity you seek along your life path. 

The workshop is broken up into 3 exercises where we will be using the Wheel to: 

1. Coordinate your modern needs with the elements of the traditional medicine wheel

2. Recognize the Totem Animal Spirit Guides working with you at this specific time

3. Create Your Own Clarity when Walking the Wheel.

This recording of the workshop has been made available to you along with the  additional worksheets for your own meditations.

Resources are provided for you to receive additional information from Reno LongMoons and myself after the the workshop lesson.