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About this Course

Managers as Diversity Champions is a 3-part series designed to help line leaders integrate diversity and inclusion into their daily responsibilities.

Session 1 What is a Diversity Champion and Why Should I Be One?

  • 1.What is a diversity champion
  • 2.The business-related reasons for diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • 3.Some of the common benefits of building a reputation as a diversity champion
  • 4.Some of the common barriers to building a reputation as a diversity champion

Session 2 I'm Already Too Busy ... How Can I Integrate This With My Job?

  • 1.Specific ways busy managers and supervisors can integrate their commitment to d&i into their regular schedule
  • 2.Ideas for connecting d&i to existing business priorities

Session 3 How Will I Know I'm Making a Positive Difference? How Can I Measure My Progress?

  • Celebrate success
  • Build in accountability
  • Use formal compensation
  • Consider additional options