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June Holte

Mobilizing people to participate in bringing forth an ecologically sustainable and socially just human presence on Earth is June Holte's passion and purpose. She has given presentations and workshops on related topics for more than 6,500 people. And she co-led the Kansas City Sustainable Lifestyle Campaign ("EcoTeams"), supporting 25 coaches and more than 1,000 Kansas Citians in adopting ecologically preferable lifestyle practices, part of a global initiative with more than 20,000 participants. June co-founded and was the Vision Keeper for the Kansas City Drawdown Society and KC Drawdown Salon. And she co-founded the Kansas City Environmental Educators’ Network, and served on the founding steering committee for the Missouri Environmental Educators Network. In 2020, June was awarded the Kansas City's Metropolitan Energy Center's Powering the Present, Fueling the Future award. She was a contributing writer and assistant editor of the award-winning 2010 edition of The Sustainable World SourceBook.

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About this course


A journey toward responding effectively, compassionately, and powerfully to the climate crisis and 

to our individual and collective calling from this moment in the human story and life itself.


  • long to do more than you’re doing about the climate crisis—not just anything, but something strategic and effective;
  • feel overwhelmed by the urgency and enormity of the situation—so you just avoid dealing with it at all;
  • find it daunting to get your act together to actually do something—to figure out what to do, how to do it, and when you'll fit it into your already full life; 
  • question whether what you do really matters in the grand scheme of things.

STEP BY STEP CLIMATE RESPONSE COURSE is a unique and eclectic multi-media learning experience,  which draws on June Holte's 30+ years working with thousands of people, envisioning and creating more ecologically sustainable and socially just ways of livingas well as  wisdom and practices from a wide variety of thought leaders, including

Joanna Macy, David Korten, Riane Eisler, Lynne Twist, Brene Brown, Christine Figueres, Al Gore, Mark Dubois, Marshall Rosenberg, Majora Carter, Dawna Markova, Vandana Shiva, Van Jones, Robin Wall Kimmerer, Jon Kabbat-Zinn, Tara Brach, Paul Hawken, Lyla June, Sharif Abdullah, Brian Swimme, Winona LaDuke, Miki Kashtan, Buckminster Fuller, Isabelle Allende, Peggy Holman, Monica Sharmer, Peter Drucker, Paolo Freire, Rumi, Hafiz, and many others.


  • Gain a lasting shift in the way you relate to the climate crisis—from fear and avoidance to an integrated, sense of opportunity and "active hope"; 
  • Clarify and honor your best intentions, with June's guidance and the support and accountability of the community;
  • Move forward in your mindset, lifestyle practices, and in taking effective, measurable action;
  • Learn the ABCs of the climate crisis, why it matters to act NOW, and be able to easily describe it to a friend or family member; 
  • Discover crucial connections between the climate crisis and social justice and racism; 
  • Be introduced to amazing ways people are getting involved in finding, creating, and enacting solutions; 
  • Discover initiatives you can link up with that are making systemic change; and,
  • Craft a strategy for how you will continue to engage after this course is complete.


Five zoom gatherings spaced over two months, dates determined by participants' schedules.  We meet to deepen our learning and our community—with a presentation from June, and the group discussing course materials and actions we’ve taken, celebrating successes, helping one another stay motivated, and building momentum.

Each participant will have their own personal online course portal, where everything is located. The entire course will be available for 6 months after we complete. There you'll find:

  • A recording of each live zoom session; 
  • An array of inspiring, motivating, and empowering "homework" activities to do at your own pace, about 2-3 hours worth in between the live zoom sessions --no worries and no eco-guilt if you don't get to all the materials:
    • Videos and TED talks,
    • Articles and essays,
    • Poems and songs,
    • Journal and discussion prompts for written reflection, songwriting, drawing, or painting,
    • Specific, measurable climate actions to take, 
    • A pre- and post- self assessment, to make tangible your growth and accomplishments during the course; and, 
  • A discussion forum where participants can share reflections, resources, and co-creative ideas with one another.



  • TUESDAYS DAYTIME (starts Tuesday, November 29) @ 11:30-1:30  CST (9:30-11:30 am PST; 12:30-2:30 pm EST)
  • MONDAY EVENINGs (starts Monday, November 28) @ 7-9 pm CST (5-7 pm PST; 8-10 pm EST) 

NOTE: We will schedule one more meeting in December, based on participants' availability, then resume in January.

* If these times don't work for you, please email and let us know your best days & times for meetings, so we can contact you when the next groups are forming.


 In order to make the course widely available across socioeconomic groups, we offer these options:

  • Sliding scale: $197-$97.  
  • Scholarships or bartering—just ask.
  • If you'd like to pay for a scholarship for another, please let us know by email.


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  • Email us with your best days & times for meetings on zoom, so we can match you with others who want to form a group.

TO ASK ABOUT BARTERING/ SCHOLARSHIPS, or for any other question:

  • Email your question, or idea of what you'd like to barter, or a scholarship proposal.

With gratitude and eager anticipation,

        June Holte,


When I signed up to do June Holte’s Step by Step climate Response Course, I was an odd mixture of been-there-done-that after having been involved in the environmental movement for decades and also deeply resigned about where we are in our climate response. The course made a difference for me by reminding me of how much is being done all over the world to address the issues and to get me back in the game, looking at how I personally want to be involved and the difference I want to make. It was great, as well, to meet weekly with our merry band of participants who were all looking at the issues together. I highly recommend June’s course!

          — K.C. Compton, Writer/editor and former Senior Editor with Mother Earth News, Seattle-area, Washington


I signed up to take the the Step by Step Climate Response course somewhat reluctantly because I didn’t think I could gain much more knowledge about global warming, climate change and the role human beings have in it all. I had been in despair over it and didn’t feel much hope for coming out of the situation in a positive way. But I can tell you that this course does just the opposite of what I thought. I did learn new things that opened my mind to new possibilities, and I did come out the end of it feeling more positive and having more hope. I learned that hope is something you create and not something you merely have or don’t have. We weren’t far into the course before June was able to make this light bulb go off, not only for me, but I could tell also for others in the class. We had a good rapport of support and positivity amongst our group of nine. For sure June put lots of information in front of us that opened our minds to a new way of thinking. I recommend this class for anyone, even if you think you already know all there is to know. I can assure you, you don’t.

           — Holly Mehl, Ecologist, Kansas City, Missouri     

Step-by-Step Climate Change is a deep dive into the vast and evolving landscape of the global stirrings around the world to create a just and sustainable future for all on planet Earth. The course could not be more prescient with the universal outcry of grass root activists around the world begging the world’s leadership to grasp the seriousness of global warning. It presents the question, to the participant, “where does the individual fit into the issue of climate change?” and begins with creating awareness and encouraging curiosity and exploration. You are finally led to creating your own vision of your personal transformation and role in changing the status quo. The course strengthens this resolve, using a wonderful assortment of lectures, video, and activities with the leaders and thought-shapers across a wide cross-section of disciplines. This fascinating, thought-provoking and stirring look at this issue is highly recommended for all concerned citizens of the global community.

                          — Pat Bartholome, Social Justice Activist, Kansas City, Missouri 

In June Holte’s Climate Response course I learned much more about the causes of the rapid changes we’re experiencing due to climate change. Far more importantly, I learned about the many reaons to be optimistic and not give in to despair. The materials she provides are expertly chosen, and helped me feel my personal power to believe in, and execute, real change. I would recommend this course to anyone curious or concerned about climate change, especially if they are despairing or overwhelmed.

        — Journey H, Elder Care Provider and Peace & Environmental Activist, Wausau, Wisconsin   

June’s Step By Step Climate Response Course gave me real hope and helped me to think about tangible steps that I can take in my community in response to our climate crisis. I would recommend the course to anyone who feels stuck or even hopeless. After taking the course, I began to see more opportunities to make a difference and I am even applying for a grant to establish a prairie garden at my local park. Being a part of the course also helped me to start positive conversations about climate change with others. Prepare to be inspired!

      — Amy Irene Stock, Volunteer Engagement Specialist, Kansas City, Missouri

June has spent her lifetime creating a fact filled archive of the knowledge of scientists, economists, activists, investigative journalist, artists, spiritual leaders, and any human being who can contribute to our knowledge and practice of being the kind of human being that is contributing to the health of our beautiful planet. She has developed an invaluable container to share her life’s work with all of us. I have been an activist all my life however in recent years I had let other concerns take precedence. June and my course group have led me back to commitments and personal practices that have reduced my carbon footprint in fundamental and practical ways and refilled my heart with hope. I finished the course with an action plan and a renewed passion. It just does not get better than that. I encourage everyone to partake in this amazing, very personal, adventure.

      — Eloise Bruce, Poet and Educator, New Jersey,

The Step-by-Step Climate Response course, led by June Holte, has awakened personal, community, and global epiphanies in my thoughts about climate change. I now have a renewed passion for fostering and being an active participant in a mindset shift towards a life-sustaining society. Additionally, I am keenly aware, now, of the correlation between my health and the health of our planet. This is all thanks to Ms. Holte’s mindful, enthusiastic, and hopeful encouragement of group members to be co-creators of a positive future, and it has made an impression on me. June’s passion and commitment is evident, consistent, personal, and infectious. I sense that future Climate Response course group members, like ours, will recognize that her mindful teaching and leadership style is conducive to inspiring us to challenge outdated thinking derived from fear, as well as our failure to believe that our personal, community, and global actions matter. Ms. Holte’s course offers inspiring, factual, and statistical data, visuals, quotes, and information from leaders like Joanna Macy, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, Mathew Fox, interspersed with group discussions, which are also very helpful. I’d recommend taking this course to anyone who wants to participate in helping make a healthy future for ourselves and our planet.

            — Darryl Stamp, Actor and Playwright, Salt Lake City, UT

June Holte’s Step-by-Step Climate Response Course has the potential to change the future of the planet. With great care, Holte has thoughtfully assembled an engaging course to share her knowledge and that of other climate response leaders. As an unusually talented teacher, Holte creates a learning environment that welcomes participants where they are as individuals, and expertly and compassionately guides them through the course using a captivating variety of methods. The result is profound growth in the participants’ depth and breadth of knowledge and their commitment to personally and collectively respond to the fundamental challenges we face together. I have found hope for our shared success in June’s inspiring yet pragmatic vision. Her teaching and leadership help us rise to the occasion. Holte’s courses are not to be missed!

            — Kristy L, Attorney, Overland Park, Kansas     

The climate crisis conversation offers so much bad news, such as this recent warning from the UN Secretary-General at COP27 Global Climate Conference: "We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator." Dire warnings of this nature, especially in recent years, would leave me so scared and depressed that I wanted to avoid the topic altogether, and retreat into an awkward existential numbness just to get through the anxiety. Then I encountered June Holte's Climate Response Course. What a Blessing! Through her guidance and the content of her course, I came to a new way of relating to the crisis. She helped me understand that the best place to stand in the crisis is in the power and excitement of the present moment. The truth is, we don't know what is going to happen. Yes, the situation is dire and our survival as a species is at stake, but we have a chance to turn it around. And how exciting is that?! Extraordinary efforts are underway. Her course highlights the work of passionate, dynamic, brilliant people dedicated, driven and working together to turn the chance we do have into a reality, for our future and that of generations to come. There are many meaningful actions that we can and should take in our own homes to contribute to that effort. I encourage anyone to consider being in one of her upcoming classes. It was hugely helpful in turning despair into hope and action.

        — Kristin Scheer, PeaceWorks KC Board Member, Kansas City, Kansas 

"Step by Step Climate Response” by June Holte is a compact on-line course to introduce you to what's really happening in the realm of climate change and how you can be part of the solutions. Ms. Holte shines in helping us transform our natural fear of the climate crisis, and our resignation, into meaningful action. This course is also a gateway into a community of people with whom you can help change the future. This is personal. You matter—in the class and in your efforts to address global warming, for present and future generations. I've followed Ms. Holte's career for decades and this is the best yet.

     — Lynn Snyder, Poet and Essayist, Kansas City, Missouri      

June Holte‘s Climate Response online course is packed full of valuable information and opened my mind to perspectives I hadn’t even considered. I am a fairly well informed climate activist, and June‘s course had plenty of new material and information that was up-to-date and relevant. While the reality of climate change can be difficult to stomach, the course balances learning about the situation we face with learning about positive actions that are happening. June is a gifted facilitator, and joining a small group helped build local connections and community. I highly recommend this course!

      — Cheryl Herzog-Arneill, LMSW, Certified Teacher of Mindfulness, Lawrence, Kansas

Participating in the Step by Step Climate Response Course helped reignite my passion for environmental justice organizing. Making my way through the thoughtfully curated course materials, I was introduced to numerous thought leaders, ideas, and concepts new to me. I now have more robust tools in my toolbox of language, so to speak, to more impactfully and authentically describe and express the urgency of our collective moment. I’ve more fully embraced the importance of supporting one another in doing what is necessary in this moment of both crisis - and opportunity. Thank you June for sharing your light with us!

      — Kathy Downing, Development Professional with a Kansas City-based Non-profit Organization, and Member of Kansas Poor People’s Campaign State Coordinating Committee; Kansas City,  Missouri

What a gift the course was! I’ve always done what I could to be a good steward of our planet and, like many others, have felt disheartened and discouraged for its future and that of my fellow humans. This course presented the dire facts and science in a hopeful way. We were able to connect with likeminded individuals from many age groups and backgrounds. The course offered hope and practical actions to take to save our future by working together. The more people who can quickly be exposed to the information in this way, the better our chances of surviving humans’ poor choices that brought us to the climate crisis.

      —Lois Benge-Fortin, Retired Campus Admissions Manager, Raytown, Missouri

I love our planet, and care deeply about stewardship. Participating in the Step By Step Climate Response course has been an opportunity to re-examine my stewardship. I am learning more about what I can do, and I am being inspired by what others are doing. I think the thing I love most about the course is that climate action is placed in the context of social justice and spiritual awakening. June's facilitation allows plenty of time and space for participants in class to feel, think, and respond.

      —Linda P, Embodiment Coach, Kansas City, Missouri

June built the Step by Step Climate Response course on relatable principles that many of us use in our day-to-day lives. Fundamentally, June asks us to approach catastrophic climate change the same way we'd “eat an elephant,” one bite at a time. In the course we examine our own unique lifestyles and look for ways we can incorporate lowering our carbon footprints in small ways and large. June reminded us that one tiny step is better than no steps at all. And, just as importantly, that tens of thousands of people each taking that same tiny step can make a noticeable difference. June is an inclusive and non-judgmental course leader—more coach and cheerleader than professor. She will help you see what you're doing right, and how you can make incremental changes to improve the health of our Mother Earth.

            —Anne L, Consumer Protection Paralegal, Kansas City, Kansas

In June Holte’s climate course I learned much more about the causes of the rapid changes we’re experiencing due to climate change. Far more importantly, I learned about the many reaons to be optimistic and not give in to despair. The materials she provides are expertly chosen, and helped me feel my personal power to believe in, and execute, real change. I would recommend this course to anyone curious or concerned about climate change, especially if they are despairing or overwhelmed.

      —Journey H, Elder Care Provider and Peace & Environmental Activist, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

June’s class is a big overview, looking at defining global warming, being inspired by leaders who are making a difference, how to define and share your vision, how to not get overwhelmed, and more. I loved the small group exercises and sharing with all the passionate, articulate course mates. There is quite a bit of practical and useful material which one can continue to access long after the class completes.

      —Ellen W. Henry, Gardener and Artist, Overland Park, Kansas