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C. Susan Nunn

Susan is a 'lover of many things.' Her creative endeavors are all fed with her love of nature, balance, and her deep spiritual beliefs. She is a Writer, Editor, Teacher and Writing Coach, and Author. She earned her BA at Vermont College, and earned an MFA at Antioch University Los Angeles, with dual concentration (Fiction and Creative Non-fiction.) She is also a Certified Creative Writing Instructor. Susan is the author of Song of the Earth, a novel said to be the consciousness of our nation and of our people. She has embodied Nature’s balance and peaceful flow of how things should be and applies it to everything she does. It has also helped with her creative writing in developing a deep flow as well as in editing for others. She lives in Boise, Idaho with the four-legged love of her life, Ellie, a Golden Retriever.

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About this course

We usually "tidy up" our home when we have company coming,  so why do we expect our "muse" to show up when we give no regard to our space (remember, space here is in relation to our writing area as well as our space in our emotional center/heart where all good writing lifts from and onto the page)?  Did you ever consider what environment your muse's most productive visits occur in?  Or, even worse, has your muse not visited in a good long while?   

When we feel uncomfortable in our surroundings, there is a reason for that.  Maybe you would think, "Well, if I just cleaned up my office, maybe that would work." Sure that helps, but then that pulls you from your writing, and the next thing you know, you are cleaning closets, clear across the house from your writing space and it still doesn't work.  We find ourselves going to do the laundry, or cleaning up the kitchen, anything to keep us from sitting and writing.  

This class is to explore what lies beneath the issues we are having as writers and how to correct them. Being a writer and teacher myself, I am well aware of the issues I have had, as well as those of my students, and being a Feng Shui Consultant for several years,  I feel qualified to present this class in a way that will bring some peace to you and welcome your muse into your creative world.

We need to break the habits that aren't serving us well, but first, we need to recognize which ones they are, 

Remember, what you are doing in this class is not going to cost you a bunch of money. Most generally, it is all about rearranging with a purpose. I am here if you need my help, but truly it is all about the energy flow and your comfort with it. It is about you, and how to create the energy flow and a space for your muse to come and be a part of your writing.

I have put together a poll to start the class. Be honest with yourselves and (the poll) when answering. so I will see if any of you need added materials, (which I will provide) - Although this is a mini-class it will give you more than enough to work with and to instill some peace and calm.

Would love to have you in the class and be a part of our writing community.  Stay well, Susan