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Brian Miller

I am a mixed-media artist who loves art-making and art journaling. I believe we are all creative. Inside each of us, we carry the ability to make beautiful things with our hands and hearts.

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About this course

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Here's a list of the projects we will be creating over the next six weeks.

Selfie 1: You, Now (present)
Our first project is to create a self-portrait that reflects where you are today.

Selfie 2: Looking Back (past)
For our second project, you will create a selfie that captures where you come from as a way of looking at how your past is carried with you in the present.

Selfie 3: Dreaming Forward (future)
The third project will help you see a glimpse of your dreams and future potential. 

Selfie 4: Outside World
For our fourth project you will take a look at your exterior world and create a selfie that engages what it means to reveal yourself to the world.

Selfie 5: Inside World
For the fifth project, you will create a 3-dimensional selfie with a transparency effect that allows some of your interior world to shine through. 

Selfie 6: Super Power
For our final project, you will create a “super power” selfie. What is your “super power”? What do you uniquely bring to world? Let your super flag fly!

At the conclusion of this class, you will have a mini gallery of six mixed-media self-portraits on 12 x 12 wooden panels.