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Donna Powers

Donna Powers, DCH Donna is a homeopath, online educational teacher and is also available as a workshop consultant, speaker and writer. As a homeopath and educator, Donna provides information about infectious childhood illnesses and teaches parents how to use homeopathic remedies to help support self-healing. Outbreaks of infectious childhood illness are happening more frequently worldwide. Having a system of medicine that will support healing at home is critical. In epidemics and pandemics (especially in viral outbreaks) conventional medical support will be limited. Donna's mission: a homeopathic kit in every home and to know how to safely and successfully use the remedies. DCH Homeopath, Founder and Owner of Powers of Homeopathy. Publisher Homeopathy First Magazine.

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About this course

Vaccine Free – Now What?

A 12-lesson eCourse

By knowing what to do, how to support healing and how to use homeopathy, you can help your child move through every illness… even the most infectious diseases.

Introducing "Vaccine Free: Now What?" a 12-lesson ecourse that will give you:

  • The hands-on information you need to use homeopathy effectively and safely to prevent and treat infectious illness.
  • The confidence and reassurance that you are helping your child heal by supporting their immune system rather than suppressing it.
  • The information to determine whether your child needs additional conventional medical support.
  • A complete look at each infectious childhood disease along with an accompanying resource guide so that you can confidently recognize and start homeopathic care (for instance, fever) at a very early stage.

You will also get:

  • Peace of mind in a 250-year-old medical system that has an incredibly effective history with outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics.
  • A new understanding of your child so that you can give them the right remedy for them… discover homeopathic remedies as personalities so that you can learn and ‘know’ what is needed to help your child heal easily, quickly and confidently.
  • Contact with a with like-minded people via a private forum to share homeopathic treatment. Help and support are only a message away.
  • An hour long phone call each quarter, to answer live questions.