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Brigid's Grove

Brigid's Grove is a multi-service, small, home-based business creating original Story Goddesses and goddess art, publishing Womanrunes sets, books of poetry, and Goddess Devotionals, hosting #30DaysofGoddess, and teaching online courses in Practical Priestessing, Red Tent facilitation, and everyday magic. The best way to connect with Molly is via her Patreon:

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About this course

Craving connection and re-centering? In need of sustenance and renewal? Wanting more magic, more wonder, and more joy? You're in the right place! Step into the life-changing magic of daily practice, with #30DaysofGoddess, attuning your senses to the enchantment at work in the ordinary and the touch of the sacred in your very own life. This classroom is designed to make the monthly materials easy to access as well as to serve as an inspiring companion, a guided journey into crafting a daily practice, going from stressed to centered in only fifteen minutes a day. This simple and nourishing class will guide and support you in creating daily practices to nourish and sustain you on a goddess-centered path. It is designed to be experienced in an unfolding process through the year as a companion to the #30DaysofGoddess daily practice materials offered each month in our newsletter and via the practice home page. You can also connect with others, share photos of your prayerbook pages, ask questions, and have a place to come back to over and over again as we move through the year together.

#30DaysofGoddess is a life-changing magic. With this unique system of devotional practice, daily practice, and creative practice all in one, you will step into your power, inhabit your magic, and reclaim your joy. Combining mindfulness, creativity, and sacred space into one portable, nourishing totally doable process of discovery, inspiration, and empowerment. You are invited to leave behind overwhelm and exhaustion and step into the sacred, into more joy, more delight, more nourishment, and more connection as you make space for the sacred--and for yourself--in your very own life. 

Let us enter move through 2023 with enchantment in our steps and fire in our eyes. Here we go!


  • Printable prayerbooks
  • Videos and prayercards
  • Inspiration and encouragement
  • Space for you. A place of belonging, restoration, renewal, and care.
  • Monthly live virtual circles
  • Creative Spirit Circle membership + bimonthly #30DaysofGoddess newsletter subscription.