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Skillful Teaching Online

Skillful Teaching Online is powerful and intuitive platform that supports all aspects of your teaching including those that impact your passion and purpose. Join founder Chantill Lopez and explore cutting edge technical, repertoire-based, and personal/professional development workshops that will inspire and propel you toward more fulfilling work. Be a part of an international community of like-minded teachers searching for greater meaning and clarity in their teaching and blow the top off of your potential.

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About this Course

Pure Potential is an incredibly UNIQUE and POWERFUL format for learning, creative and in-depth discussion, and immediate integration. Working with and applying the material to real students each week gives teachers an opportunity to test the waters, get direct feedback from the students and workshop leader, and to ask questions and get answers while they are learning. This as opposed to the standard workshop format where you are left to work everything out on your own with marginal success and minimal retention. 

As a teacher here’s what you will learn during the course: 
  • Learn how to determine which students are ready to venture into the advanced Pilates work using a clear and concise Skill Assessment Tracking method;
  • Learn how to move your students toward mastery of the advanced work from day 1;
  • Discover how to integrate FLOW, RHYTHM, PRECISION in to EVERY SESSION no matter what the students’ level;
  • Learn classical, contemporary, FUN and challenging TRANSITIONS to keep your students focused, in theflow, and moving with intention so they get the most out of every session;
  • And learn how leverage your skills and knowledge to attract and keep clients who are fully invested and want to STAY for the LONG RUN!