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Lisa Klakulak

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About this course

Edition 7, June 4- August 13, 2023 + platform access through October 22, 2023.
Felt Jewelry Series: Material, Technique & Impact! Course 1 Foundational Structure
Wet Felting Solid Forms, 2D Planes, Hollow Forms for Encasing Objects & Connections for Composing
6 learning modules, 10 weeks, 2 supported projects, 15 participants  (+ potentially 2 scholarship seats)

A  payment plan is now available for those not able to pay the full price in advance of the course. A payments of $390 USD will be collected on the day you register and the 2nd payment will be collected one month later for a total of $780.00 USD.  PAYMENT PLAN LINK

Solid Form Felting is the topic for Modules 1-3 and one module will become accessible per week starting on Sunday, June 4, 2023 for the first three weeks of the course and will continue to be accessible, as will all modules, until the end of the course access on October 22, 2023 (formal course ends on August 13, 2023).  Each module contains an average of 1.5 hours of video demonstration divided into two segments and a PDF that outlines the content, clarifies the math involved in assessing layout & shrinkage and will assist with long term retention.  Module studies are suggested, completed at your own pace and level of extensiveness during that week and participants are encouraged to post pictures, questions and comments for group discussion on the chat forum for that module. A design prompt will be given for week four and participants will implement their new learning and compose/propose a project based on their personal aesthetic utilizing the learned techniques. Each participant will have an individual zoom meeting ideal for their time zone for direct instructor feedback that may or may not be open to the entire group depending on that participant's preference, keeping in mind that everyone will learn more if these meetings are shared experiences. Making the project will ensue after the design meeting and finished work will be posted when completed during week 5 for showcasing/critique. Similarly, 2D Plane and Hollow Form for Encasing Objects will be the focus for the next three weeks of Modules 4-6 followed by another design prompt and the same format for a second project for a total of 10 Weeks.

Course 1 content is equivalent to that of approximately 8-9 days of face to face STRONGFELT workshop content +2 supported projects. Nearly 9.5 hrs of video instruction with a broad and close up camera angle will be  delivered  via the Ruzuku platform , but will not be downloadable.  40 pages of PDFs will be printable.

Content is © 2021 STRONGFELT, inc. Please do not share your access to the online video or pdfs as this is nearly two decades of my experimenting, analyzing, refining, as well as detailed articulation & sequencing for optimal instruction. Do please encourage those you feel would enjoy and benefit from such learning to take the course as this will allow STRONGFELT, inc to continue to produce additional courses of high quality. 

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!
Lisa K