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Pam Robertson

I've worked for many years helping people from all walks of life - literally accountants to zoo-keepers - to resolve conundrums in their lives and work. I'm a best-selling author in the areas of personal and career development, in addition to having spent much of the last five years helping people get big results in social media. My favourite hashtags are #LiveInspired #InspiredBusiness and #BusinessRedefined. My motto is Be bold. Be brave. Be brilliant.

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About this Course

There are lots of ways you can refer to a promotional item you create, and then give away to your prospective clients and customers. Some people call them Fantastic Freebies, or Fabulous, or Firecracker … whatever you call it, you must create something compelling so that people know to look to you for their next steps, when they become a buying client. This course is a practical, straightforward method you can apply right away, and create your very first freebie within six days! 

Whether you love to write, or can’t stand it, this course will help you to get cracking and create a sticky, inviting, brilliantly executed piece of work for which people will happily trade you, because your <Effing> Freebie is simply a tool that people will receive as a gift after they provide you with their name and email address, and subscribe to your newsletter.

Discover the process that I've personally used to accelerate from 100 to 1000 and to 5000 and continues to use on the way to 10,000 loyal, fanatical fans who refer my products to their friends and colleagues. 

Six lessons, sent to you by email daily so that you can get your freebie finished within a week. This will get you started and easily creating more! Plus you have access to me and my team to get your freebie professionally reviewed all included for the launch price of just $47US!