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Stephen Snyder

Stephen Doetsu Snyder began practicing daily meditation in 1976. Since then, he has studied Buddhism extensively—investigating and engaging in Zen, Tibetan, Theravada, and Western non-dual traditions. He was authorized to teach in the Theravada Buddhist tradition in 2007 and the Zen Buddhist schools of Soto and Rinzai in 2022. Stephen is a senior student of Roshi Mark Sando Mininberg.

Stephen’s resonant and warmhearted teaching style engages students around the globe through in-person and online retreats, as well as one-on-one coaching. He encourages students to turn toward their true nature and, with realization of their true nature, embody their true identity. Stephen is the author of four books, including Trust in Awakening, Demystifying Awakening and Buddha’s Heart. He also co-authored Practicing the Jhānas.

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About this course

For alternate pricing options:

  • $125/month, includes 30-minute one-on-one, please visit this this page.
  • $200/month, includes 60-minute one-on-one, please visit this page.

This six-month mentoring program is based on Stephen’s books Demystifying Awakening and Trust in Awakening .

The program is a wonderfully rare opportunity for dharma practitioners to deepen awareness and work with the common resistances to Awakening and realization, while opening to the profound awakenings possible in this kind of deep exploration with one-on-one support in a safe, holding container. To support this, the group will be limited in participation to maintain cohesion and intimacy.

The program will include:

  • Six monthly 4-hour group Zoom gatherings, recorded and shared on an online course platform
  • Monthly readings from the books
  • Monthly small-group peer connections
  • An interactive platform for group discussion about course content, discussion questions, and readings with direct feedback from Stephen
  • Access to all course materials for three months following the course completion


  • $50 monthly ~ Standard, one-on-ones paid for, as needed
  • $125 monthly ~ Includes 30-minute one-on-one
  • $200 monthly ~ Includes 60-minute one-on-one

Monthly Schedule:
We will meet one Saturday each month, from 12–4 pm US Eastern Time.
To check out your local time, please have a look here.
May 27 ~ June 24 ~July 8

August 5th ~ September 9th ~ October 14th

Stephen Doetsu Snyder is a retired attorney and a senior meditation teacher in the Buddhist Theravada and Zen traditions.  He is the author of five books, including Demystifying Awakening, Buddha’s Heart, and Practicing the Jhanas. He works with students worldwide as well as leading online and in-person retreat in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe.