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Pat Omidian, PhD

I have worked as a consultant for such international agencies as the WHO, UNICEF, UNWomen, Save the Children and The IRC. In addition, I have trained community mental health and social workers in Africa, Asia and Europe. I have published four books and numerous peer-reviewed articles on refugee psychosocial wellness, community mental health, anthropology and war, and post war trauma. In 2014 my business partner and I established a non-profit organization called Focusing Initiatives International.

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About this course

What do you do when you don't know what to do

How do you be with someone who has suffered from a traumatic event? Maybe they just lost everything in a fire or earthquake or other traumatic event? Maybe you could use some extra emotional support for yourself? 

Psychological first aid (PFA)  is a peer based process. Professionals can use PFA, but it really is designed for use by anyone who knows how to listen well. Whether we're professionals or not, it is what to do when you're in the midst of a disaster or trauma or something. This process replaced Critical Incidence Debriefing and relies on our natural healing processes.  Like so many aspects around healing our inner wounds, PFA is about learning to listen in the right way, in a deep way, in a human way. This PFA course will revolve around listening skills.  It's easy to practice and it’s easy to share.  

In this 5-session course we will practice evidence-based techniques that support ourselves and others through trauma and times of crisis.