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Meghan Leahy

I am a certified parent coach, counselor, former teacher, wife, and a mom to three young children. By using humor, common-sense, science, and time-tested techniques, I can help bring love and laughter back into the home.

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About this Course




The goals of this class are to help you:


  • Identify your individual power struggles and conflicts with your children, ages 2.5 - 11 years old.

  • Figure out why you are in a struggle! What are your triggers?

  • Create a plan to decrease the struggles.

  • Grow and cultivate a more peaceful and easy relationship with your


How does this class work?


  • The entire class is ONLINE & ON-DEMAND.  You can access it from anywhere, at any time.  So easy!

  • As soon as you begin the class, all of the steps open. In an ideal world, you will work through this slowly and carefully, but I am also a realist. I know that you grab time when you the class steps open when you need them to!

  • You complete that activity, and add your comments and questions to the private Facebook Page.

  • I read your comments in our PRIVATE Facebook Page and send you loving encouragement and support.

  • Most importantly I want you, the parents, to support each other.  You have parenting wisdom to share!


Meghan Leahy is a certified parent coach, a parenting columnist for The Washington Post, as well as a certified school counselor and former teacher.  

Last, and never least, Meghan is a mother to three young children herself.  She is no stranger to power struggles!


We will discover children's developmentally normal behaviors, look your own family history, figure out how to positively use consequences, and see the connection between our own parenting behaviors and how we grow power struggles with our children.  

Most importantly, we will learn how to establish positive connections with your children.


"This class made me see my triggers more clearly. It also gave me the word “easy” so when I’m triggered I can remember breathe deeply and look for solutions that make the situation easier. And when I still mess up, this class reminded me to forgive myself for being human and begin again. Class with Meghan makes me think about growing my relationships with my kids with more love. Thanks for making this hard work a bit easier."

Nancy, mother of two

"If I could convince every parent to use Meghan Leahy, I would. Her smart, savvy and non-judgmental approach helped us tackle issues -- big and small -- we'd been struggling with for years. We're better parents today thanks to her."

Alicia, mother of two

"Meghan helped me put the joy back in parenting. She laid out a simple parenting plan that was easy to implement and made a huge improvement in our son's behavior."

Jennifer, mother of two