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Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

Lisa is a Waldorf homeschooling, homemaking, heart and hearth tending mother of two who has worked with parents and children for 30 years in many capacities, wearing many caps: as a midwife, Waldorf early childhood educator, parent educator, group facilitator, caregiver and parent. She has trained and served in midwifery, childbirth education, Waldorf early childhood education, HypnoBirthing and Simplicity Parenting. She has served on the board of directors for LifeWays North America and on the WECAN Birth to Three Task Force. Lisa lives with her family in rural Vermont where she gardens and cooks, looks after hens, runs a business, and strives to parent from a place of slow and simple.

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About this Course

September brings the fresh breezes of autumn, crisp apples and a routine to more regular household rhythms and routines. Begin your September "new year" on the right foot with solid home, classroom or childcare rhythms witha loving focus on your home rhythm
  • Do you struggle with rhythm?
  • Is rhythm one of those mysterious things that you just cannot seem to grasp?
  • Do you fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day?
  • Do you wonder how Waldorf kindergarten teachers seem so calm and manage to sing through the day and knead dough, bake bread, chop vegetables, make soup, color and paint with children every week?
  • Would you like to bring harmonious rhythms to your home or to the children you care for?
  • Are you struggling to homeschool and finding you need to work on rhythm?
  • Is there more you want from each day but cannot find the time for?
  • Do you sometimes look at the clock and panic because you have no idea of what to serve for dinner?
  • Are you struggling with tired, hungry and cranky children while you are making dinner?
  • Would you like more peaceful bedtimes for your children and yourself?


If you pause and pay attention, you notice that all around you there is rhythm, the rhythm of night and day, rhythm of the menstrual cycle, a rhythm of of waxing and waning of the moon, a rhythm of the sun's movement, the rhythm of heartbeat, of breath, of growing through phases of life, of starting and ending. Rhythm embraces all of us.

Before there was electricity and lights and heat available at the flip of a switch, people lived in rhythm with nature. We slept at night and worked in the light of the day. We chopped wood, carried water and kindled fires.The stars guided travelers. Food was only available in season. We lived in the rhythms of the natural world, deeply connected and carried along through the year without conscious attention. 
Early people deeply felt the earth's rhythms through the day and all through the year and celebrated significant turnings in the wheel of the year. The return of the sun meant life was renewed in the earth. The sun's departure signaled a time for pilling in, going inward.Today, we can flip a switch and experience light and heat. We no longer live in the rhythms of nature. We have disconnected. We are plugged in an no longer attuned to the rhythms of nature. Our own inner rhythms can be overwhelmed by all the busyness and noise of daily life.
Yet we are rhythmic beings and when we find our way into a rhythm that flows for ourselves and our families, we find harmony, peace of mind, inspiration for new endeavors and time to take up activities that deeply nourish our families and ourselves as parents. We can bring rhythm into our lives with conscious attention. We can tap into the energy that flows when our rhythm is balanced.
Our children need rhythm. Children thrive when their life is rhythmic. It is so healthy and nourishing for children. Rhythm makes children feel confident that life is predicible, that adults are reliable and in knowing they can rely on order and harmony in their lives. With predictible days, children relax and can let go and be children.
Rhythm supports healthy development of the child. A solid rhythm can eliminate frustration, increase a child's ability to play and to make transitions. Rhythm helps us breathe when we are frustrated and can carry us through times that are chaotic and unpredictable.
:: Gift yourself and your family with a strong rhythm to your days and weeks for the new year by simplifying your life through a strong rhythm.

:: Imagine pleasant mealtimes, smooth transitions, peace filled bedtimes and breathing time in your day. Yes, it can be done. By you.

:: Know this. It is already there, within you. The ability. Everything you need to bring some sense of rhythm, harmony and joy to your daily life with children.
This course is designed to help you access that inner wisdom and put it into action with daily notes of encouragement and reminders, videos, worksheets and activities, conversation and community.
  • We'll explore what rhythm looks like and feels like and look at sample rhythms of the day and the week.
  • We'll look at what gets in the way of rhythm.
  • We'll look at how you can make your rhythm breath for you and help you flow through the day.
  • We'll look at how rhythm can help your child be more imaginative, playful and creative.
  • We look at how our meals can be healthier and more pleasant with rhythm.
  • We'll look at peaceful bedtimes and restful sleep that come out of a healthy rhythm.
  • We'll look at the rhythm of housework
  • We'll look at how rhythm makes transitions smoother.
  • We'll examine how a strong rhythm supports homeschooling and homemaking.
  • We'll look at how a strong rhythm makes home a sanctuary.
  • We'll look at how to put together a rhythm that works in your life.
  • We'll finding a starting point and implement our own rhythm and build on it over four weeks.
  • We'll look at how rhythm supports daily life with children and helps us carve out time for ourselves.
  • We'll look at breathing and healthy rhythm.
  • We'll have daily reminders and enthusiastic support.
we'll jump into the New School Year of 2015-2016 on the wave of a new moon that begins August 29th
hands on
daily practice
enthusiastic support
September 1st to September 30th
We'll have 30 days of working on our daily and weekly rhythms together.
Give yourself the gift of rhythm!
Free to Year Round members of Celebrate the Rhythm of Life


FAQS ~ frequently asked questions
What do I need for this eCourse?
You need online access.
How much time do I need to spend on line each day?
Daily check in for 5-15 minutes is ideal.
What if I skip a day or several days?
That is fine, just go back at your pace and check in on the days you missed.
Do I need to be available or online at any specific times?
Not at all. If you can check in once a day, for 5-15 minutes, that is plenty.
How long will I have access to this course?
You will have access forever, indefinitely.
Is it all on one site? How easy is it to access?
It is all on a private site that is very easy to access and navigate.
Who sees the comments and discussions?
Only the members of the class. 
If you offer this class again, will the new members see this course?
No, this course is only for the current members. When I offer it again, it will be on a fresh site.
Do I have to participate and comment each day?
Participation is voluntary and you are free to speak out or not. I notice that the more class members participate, the better the class is for everyone. The real work is in bringing the daily notes and suggestions into your day and applying them.
Where do I sign up and how much does it cost?
It costs $35 and is truely a bargain for daily messages and support and a wonderful community in a private space.
Free for Round the Year Members, more here


Celebrate the Rhythm of Life 
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