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Roz Stendahl

I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and book artist. I've kept visual and written journals my entire life. For over 30 years I have taught visual arts and bookbinding—sharing what is a key tool in my creative life.

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About this course


On July 24 I begin teaching a new 30-day online class: Drawing Practice: Drawing Live Subjects in Public.

This is the first online adaptation of my  "Drawing Practice" and "Journal Practice" classes. All are designed to develop key drawing and visual journaling skills. Previously these classes have only been available in person.

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When you register you will be able to watch the welcome video and learn about the class goals and supplies so you can prepare for class, even though the class hasn't started yet.


Registration will close on July 24 at 11 p.m. CDT.

What to Expect:

In this class I will introduce you to drawing exercises and approaches that develop the skills necessary to work quickly and accurately while sketching live subjects in public.

Every Tuesday and Friday from Friday, July 24 through Friday, August 21, a new lesson will open.

Each lesson contains video lecture, written discussion, demonstration videos, and homework. The daily homework is critical if you are to create a strong foundation on which to build a drawing practice. (Expect to spend 30 minutes a day on homework, exclusive of video viewing time.)

Approaches to working in public and dealing with your internal critic are another crucial part of the class.

Two live webinars, which provide additional teacher-student interaction time will held on Saturday, August 8 and Saturday, August 22 at 1 p.m. CDT.  Video tapes of these sessions will be available so that you can revisit them, or watch them if you can’t attend live.

The goal for this class is to spend 30 days building a durable drawing-in-public habit!

I will be present in the classroom interacting with students, answering questions, and helping the class build a new vocabulary for discussing their work through August 25, 2015.

Students will continue to have access to the course videos and resources, including the discussion groups, for one year, until July 23, 2016.  

This is a great class for people who are just beginning to sketch, or for people who already sketch proficiently, but want to build a regular drawing habit.  It is also helpful for people who find their attempts to begin a daily or regular drawing practice frustrated by their internal critic. 

Class has been designed to get you moving out into the world—to sketch in public. The focus is on sketching live subjects. I have a preference for sketching animals, but all these techniques work with humans equally well.  I will address specific techniques for sketching people. 

Summer is the perfect time to start an intensive class that involves going out in public. You’ll be able to complete your assignments at a variety of outside locations and local festivities. (I didn't mean to neglect the Southern Hemisphere. After a long winter in Minnesota we get a little focused on summer. And I get totally focused on the Minnesota State Fair! If it's winter where you live you can still join in—as long as there are public places like shopping malls, cafes, and city gathering spots where people collect.)

If you’re in Minnesota you’ll be able to complete this course and take what you learned to the Minnesota State Fair.

I hope that you will decide to take 30 days to get serious about your drawing habit and join me in this class.

Note: You can complete this course with nothing more than a pencil and some bond paper, but if you would like to broaden your experience I have created a small list of supplies. Wet Paint is making this supply kit available at a discount.  If you already have some of these items and don't need a kit, all the items I'll use in the class can be found on this list, sold individually, at Wet Paint.

Please note that I do not receive any financial reimbursement when you buy supplies from Wet Paint. They are an independent art supply store that supports artists with quality products, great pricing, and great service. They also make it easy for my students to find the supplies they need.

If you would like a complete list of supplies that are recommended and which may also be demonstrated, please go to this link on my blog for a downloadable PDF.