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eClasses to guide you through the world of infectious childhood illness with homeopathy and common sense measures to acquire lifelong immunity and greater well being. Learn more and receive a free chapter of the e-book 'Fever Essentials: Helping Children Heal with Homeopathy ' at www.PowersOfHomeopathy.com

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Donna powers

Donna Powers

RCSHom, CCH, RSHom(NA) Homeopathic Healing Art Practitioner, Founder and Owner of Powers of Homeopathy.

About this Course

Immune System & Fever

The “war” on germs, viruses, and bacteria is over. War is an outdated metaphor and, in fact, there never was a battle, only a misunderstanding of what is really happening in the body.

Fever is a potent immune first responder and sets up a whole series of events that helps ‘clean house.’ How important is fever? We’ll learn from current medical science research in published journals what to do instead of using over the counter medications like Baby Tylenol to suppress a fever. Learn the science of what is actually happening with the immune system response.