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Marlene Hielema

Marlene's mission in life is to simplify photography and video technology, and teach you how to create better photos and web video. -- Marlene teaches several online courses: Point Shoot Wow, Photo Fundamentals, and shorter workshops on video lighting and other topics.

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About this course

Web video is about connection, not perfection!


In this course I'll teach you basic web video creations techniques, including the following:

  • Using a web cam to capture your videos
  • Screen capture video tips
  • Working with Quicktime Player for Mac - which is a free utility that comes with all Mac computers

I'm going to teach you the simplest and easiest methods I know. I want to remove the barrier of video creation.

For beginners on a budget.

I like to keep the costs down, so I teach about gear and software for those with lower budgets.

Focus on Authenticity

There is a lot of hypey stuff out there on video creation!

Seems like every month yet another new video tool is being flaunted by equally hypey web marketers.

The techniques I teach in this course are for those seeking an authentic connection to their viewers, such as teachers and bloggers. This course is NOT for marketers.

What does that mean?

You won't get instruction on creating slick perfect promotional videos in this course.

In fact, I created all the videos in this course with the tools I'm teaching you to use. So you can judge for yourself if the videos in this course are good enough for your own teaching.


To get the most out of this course, you need to make some of your own videos.

You will get feedback on those videos from me and the other students in this course.


Computer requirements for creating web video

Video takes up tons of memory space and ram!

  • You will need a fairly fast and newish computer.
  • You should also have an external back up hard drive if you plan to create and edit web video.
  • Many of the problems people have with editing video are the result of a computer that is too old, and too slow.


This course is Mac-centric


My technical bias and my niche

We all have certain preferences and biases.

My technical bias and experience is working with Mac computer systems. I do have familiary with Windows OS, but to be completely honest, I haven't done any video production using Windows. I have used Windows for Photoshop, and I've taught courses in the classroom using Windows computers, so I do have experience with some things – just not at the level that I do with Mac OS.

If you are a Windows person you will still learn a lot from this course, but you might not get the depth that the Mac people will. I have tried to include information specific to Windows users throughout the course.


If web video is something you'd like to try in your teaching or blogging, jump into the course today.