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Forum European Diversity Management

The Forum European Diversity Management (FEDM) was founded in 2006 with the objective to set quality standards for diversity management and to develop concrete guidelines for organizations and consultants how to implement diversity management programs. This objective was reached on 1.1.2008 when the standard ÖNORM S 2501:2008 "Diversity management - General guideline on principles, systems and supporting techniques“ was published. Gabriele Sauberer, Anja Drame, Aliyou Mana Hamadou, Vera Budway, Sabine Seidler, Jolanta Maj and Valery Senichev are some of those FEDM (board) members who will be your trainers in this online course.

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About this Course

This course will make you fit to take the first step in becoming an ECQA Certified Diversity Manager: In 5 weeks we´ll walk you through 5 parts (Skill Units) of the written exam. In our weekly webinars we will discuss with you all relevant content to successfully pass a randomised ECQA Multiple Choice Test which will take place in autumn/winter 2015.