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Kerry Ingram

I'm help postpartum caregivers create parent & baby groups rooted in connection, resilience and acknowledgement in their community. I am inspired by the relationships in my life, mother nature, my son and possibility. I am enthusiastic about building community and change-making, especially in the realm of early parenting. Weaving the wisdom from my LifeWays training, Waldorf teacher training and Innate Traditions postpartum doula training sparked my offering of Community Supported Postpartum. You can find me most often outdoors hiking, camping, gardening, and eating delicious food with family and friends.

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About this course

Rhythm is a dynamic flow of time that represents your family. Rhythm is not attached to a clock, but rather connected to our individual time and life.  A dance of rest and activity~ daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, annually which is connected to your home, your family, your community, and creates space for a life that nourishes us. Our life’s rhythm gives our children (and us) a sense of belonging, safety, well-being, and predictability.  Out of that sense of place grows inner freedom nurtured through familiar experiences.  Creating a home rhythm is a healthy practice for your family life that creates roots and celebrates your unique family path.

At your own pace, this course will give you step by step practical support as you create a tempo that feels unifying and equitable to the whole family.

What are folks saying about Healthy Home Rhythms?

  • This simple course has had nothing less then a profound positive effect on my life as a mother. It has helped me shape my day offering a new sense of freedom. I now have space, not only to do the tasks of daily living, but to also have pauses in my day, to take a break from the ‘doing’ and fully enjoy BEING in the moment with my child. It is like a fresh new breath, and I get to inhale deeply and slowly! 


  • The concepts and ideas in this course offer modern families a platform of values that will enhance and change lives. In its simplicity, the effect is powerful. It has the capacity to truly make a parents journey more enjoyable and more importantly, it offers space and time to create a deeper connection as a family. 


  • In this course you will learn that Rhythm creates freedom. It creates space and time for connection, and it allows you to let go of the DOING and relax in the BEING with your child/ren. It is nothing less then revolutionary in this fast moving society in creating time for what nourishes the family most.


  • The printables are beautiful enough to frame and I can re-print them as my rhythm changes. Since living with my new rhythm, there have been less meltdowns and more fun. Thank you for this course, it's priceless.