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Mindy Lacefield

Hi! My name is Mindy and I am inspired and paint from the nostalgia of my childhood. Channeling my inner 8 year old. Painting my dreams into reality. I teach. I learn. I play. I make mistakes. I celebrate those mistakes because they become happy, magical moments from the Divine.

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About this Course

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 Neat Stuff is inspired by my childhood shopping trips to get "neat stuff" which was basically stationery, hello kitty stuff, erasers, smelly stickers, and smelly markers. I remember having that little tickle in my stomach when I'd happen upon a shop and realized that there was neat stuff. I want to capture that same bliss and giddiness through the process of journaling. When I discovered art and make art......its the only thing that has I've found that has given me those same butterflies.

We will cut and paste. Snippets of yourself begin to emerge.

I truly believe we can revisit the nostalgia of our childhood or good memories and recapture the bliss. I'll give you the tools to build your own sets of little sketches, tokens, word designs, and writings.

YOUR journey will contain your own “neat stuff”.

I’m so ready to hit the ground running on our journals. My wish for you and this class is to discover something inside of you that may have been lying dormant for a while. Some creative energy that is aching to get out. I want our journals to be a safe place to experiment and make mistakes in. As well as a resting place for the words that we write by telling more of the story behind the art that is YOU! To be so uniquely you that there be no need for comparison.

Your journal is ALIVE, evolving and growing with each day. It becomes a chalise for your soul......shining bright and emerging into that which is so uniquely you.



click photo above for a video sneak peek



There will be 5 weeks full of material. Most days have video demonstrations. The 5th week, there will be three days of material and the first 4 weeks the posts will go like this:

Monday: writing/ (photography every other week)

Tuesday: sketching

Wednesday: painting

Thursday: collage/pasting

Friday: word designs


A few fun things involved during these 5 weeks include stamp making, creating our own journal, painting primitive figures, and a fun bonus demo video in week 5 of painting a realistic face. Lots and lots of video demonstrations are included. We will gather bits of ephemera. We will take photos of simple inspirations. We will write. We will build libraries of tokens, word designs, and sketches. All of these will come together as elements for our journal.



for making your own journal:

22”x30” hot press or cold press watercolor paper 140lb


bone folder

bookbinding thread

bookbinding needle


 a ready made journal:

Strathmore 9x12” journal (mixed media)






For making stamps:

  • wood burning tool
  • 1/4” craft foam (if you want to try the thinner craft foam, go for it. it will be easier to find)
  • ------->>white
  • ------->>black
  • mask (for making our own stamps)
  • hot glue gun


any markers - copic sketch markers, sharpies, etc.

photo printer

finesse blender


I have never painted or journaled before.
This class is open to all levels from the very beginner to seasoned artists. What I love about Neat Stuff is that our own voice and unique style will start to emerge. I had trouble journaling in the beginning because I didn't know what to journal about. This will help you. I give you the tools to build up layer by layer and give meaning to what you want to say. I share with you my way of tackling the blank page and harnessing the subconscious into telling your own adventure.

I like to work at my own pace. How long will the workshop remain open?
I will leave you access to the workshop up until February 1st, 2013 for you to go back and work or re-watch any video demos. 

Can I use different colors than what you demo?
Sure! Feel free to use colors that you are drawn the backgrounds as well as the face. I challenge you though to use at least one neon or bright color that you don't normally think to use. It can be beautiful in small doses!

Can I get a refund if I pay for the course and decide not to use it?
I'm sorry, but there are no refunds after payment it sent.

Do I need to take you first class, "Paint Your Story" to take this class?  absolutely not! This is a free standing class about visual journaling and can be taken with or without having taken my other class.

Are the videos downloadable? yes! all of the videos are downloadable for you to keep.

Is there a zine for Neat Stuff like you did on your last workshop?
Yes! The zine is HERE!!