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Maelisa Hall

I'm a licensed psychologist teaching other therapists how to create rock solid documentation so they can spend more time with clients and less time on paperwork!

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About this Course

Trying to land that job, practicum placement or internship but have no experience with DMH documentation?

Maybe you've got one set up and you've heard the nasty rumors about how tortuous DMH documentation can be. 

Or maybe you're already working in an LA County DMH setting and you're struggling to get the documentation complete and still keep a social life.

Trust me, you CAN be successful with your documentation! In this online course you'll learn everything you need to know about DMH documentation requirements. I walk you through a step-by-step process for completing each of the essential documents in the world of LA County DMH.

As a former trainer in two DMH-contracted community mental health agencies, I show you tips I've acquired over the years for getting the paperwork done faster and easier. I also talk about the most common mistakes therapists make and how to avoid these so you can save yourself (and your supervision time) hours of endless trying. 

Don't get me wrong, you likely won't be a pro right away. That's why this online format is essential for your success. You'll get access to all the trainings immediately after signing up and you can review them as often as you need. 

So what is covered in this training?

  • Medical Necessity 
  • Clinical Loop of Documentation
  • Adult Full Assessments
  • Child/Adolescent Full Assessments
  • Re-Assessments and Addendums
  • Client Treatment Plans
  • Services and CPT Codes
  • Progress Notes
  • Time management tips and other tools for your success!

What's not covered?

  • ICARE (0-5 years) Assessments
  • Administrative Forms (Consent for Services, Notice of Privacy Practices, etc.)
  • Outcomes Measures
  • Evidence-based Practices
  • TBS, COS and other random acronyms that mean specialized services
  • Requirements specific to your agency/site or program

My training style is super practical and I make it real. We have two fake clients (one adult and one child) that we use throughout all the modules. We'll review the documentation completed for these two clients so you can see forms and progress notes completed in a realistic situation. I'll walk you through why I include certain things and what things I avoid. 

That means you get expert training on everything essential. Inevitably, each agency and site has their own additional requirements and you'll need to learn that from your supervisor. But you'll shock them with your knowledge of all the DMH requirements and start your position well ahead of your peers!

You may be thinking, "but won't my site train me?" Likely, yes... but it's unlikely they'll go into the depth we review in this course. And you'll find during your first week of completing DMH paperwork that depth of understanding is essential for being a successful therapist. This work is challenging but it is doable with the right attitude, great training, and consistent methods.

Are there bonuses? 

Of course there are bonuses!

  1. A membership site where you can ask questions and get support 24/7
  2. Sample forms fully completed 
  3. Cheat sheets on interventions, CPT codes, and more
  4. Training on time management
  5. Live Q & A sessions where I answer your questions (recorded so you can also watch later)

And remember, you get immediate access to ALL the material for the life of the course. So you can get started right away! Everything kicks off August 1st, 2015. Sign up now and be the first to get special tips and access to the Q & A sessions.

I guarantee this will be the most comprehensive training you can get before joining an agency or directly operated clinic... and likely more comprehensive than the training you'll get there! And this is the ONLY way to have videos and personalized training you can access 24/7, right when you need it.

Sign up now and if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on my contact page by clicking here. Hope to see you inside the membership group!

Please note: If you are an agency looking to purchase multiple memberships for your staff or interested in having a training program personalized for your agency, please contact me via email at