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Katie & Carolyn

We roll deep, we write deeper, and we love our communities hard. We're so excited to share our writing secrets with you. Welcome to The Shape of Story, our 2015 Writing Workshop.

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About this course

Calling all writers looking to ignite and grow!  

We're Inviting You to Join Us for 6 Weeks of Community, Inspiration, and Productivity

With 15 years of friendship and over 30 combined years of writing experience, we’re offering a fall workshop to share all those years of personal and professional experience with you.

Together, we’ll get you writing stories you didn’t realize you had in you.

Together, we’ll get your prose shining and singing. You’ll think, Who wrote that?

If you write, but feel like you don’t know how to kick your talents up a notch--welcome!

If you’ve always wanted to write, but don’t know where to start--take a seat!

We’re here for you. We know how to do it, and we want to show you. And we want to have a blast as we go. 

How it's going down

This six-week craft workshop runs from September 13 through October 23 and will connect you with other talented and curious writers of fiction and nonfiction, from novice to upper intermediate levels. The syllabus will cover the basics like language, scene, and character, but we’ll also get into more complex and nuanced elements of craft like time, place, and voice. It’s going to be rich, y’all.

Each week’s topic will include fun writing prompts, great reading material, active discussion, and supportive feedback, all geared toward upping your craft game. 


All About Community: Bring-A-Buddy Discount

If you and a friend sign up together, you can each take the course for $200. Hit us up at to take advantage of this offer! And we know as well as the next woman how important a community is for writing, so we’re including a couple live gatherings and surprise guests. 

We're also available to you at any time through Katie's Twitter, Carolyn's Twitter, Katie's Facebook, or Carolyn's Facebook. Or if you know you want in or at least to be kept in the loop about class details, sign up for email updates here or here

About your guides

We're Katie and Carolyn, writers who've graduated from (different) creative writing MFAprograms, builders of careers as writers, strategists, and teachers ... and we’re also the best of friends. We're each other's first readers, editors, and fan club—Katie primarily works in creative nonfiction, Carolyn in fiction—and we make great use of the fact that we're otherwise different as night and day. Also, we party hardy together. (Often by video—we live on opposite coasts!)

This class is going to rock. Come rock with us.

Yours in writing,




Praise for Katie's most recent workshops:

“When I have a new idea, and a hunch it could be great, I put all my jumbled thoughts on paper and turn it over to Katie. She pares down the noise and confusion with incredible efficiency, until what’s left is a distilled truth even more powerful and exciting than I imagined at the start.” — Lucy Holtsnider, Fine Artist

I am extremely happy I took this course. I know I now want to actively pursue writing. Thank you so much! — Mass Market Fiction Writer

I loved the exercises we did ... they help me think in a different way. It feels like an escape but it actually taps into parts of me and my writing that are more intimate and harder to find. I need more workshops, I need more workshops! — Journalist, Poet, and Essayist

Great class. You are a great teacher. — Literary Short Fiction Writer