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Sue at Community Futures

Business Liaison for Community Futures Capital Region in Stony Plain, Alberta.

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About this course

Small Business Owners, 

Need to write a Business Plan for new or expanding business?

It's more straight-forward than you think. 

In this online course we look at:

  1. What a business plan is for 
  2. Who should write one
  3. What it should look like
  4. How you can use it once it's done

This step-by-step course leads you through the creation of all the core components. Perfect for those new to small business ownership or looking to expand the one they have. 

The course uses case studies so you can see examples of how each component should look; and provides downloadable worksheets and templates for you to complete as you go along. 

There's plenty of opportunity to take breaks too. You can do some research into your market. Get feedback from an adviser. Or simply grab a cup of coffee! There's no time limit and you can view the course as often as you like. 

The course also includes the option to join into discussions with fellow students and ask questions of the course creators. 

All Canadian content created right here in Alberta and driven by one of the best learning platforms of its kind. 

Community Futures Capital Region supports small businesses in Alberta but is committed to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit of people everywhere!